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Episode 028: The Diet Audit

https://youtu.be/tYuJdLsy5EM Welcome to Episode 28 of the Dr. Mike Show! One of the most powerful tools that we have for changing our nutrition, habits, and body is looking at our current behaviors and improving on them. It is so tempting to liquidate everything...

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Understanding the Two Types of Hunger

In order to lose weight controlling and managing hunger is a key skill that you need to master. ? Unfortunately it is very hard to tell why you are hungry. Hunger can be divided into 2 mail areas - Hedonic and Physiologic. The later is due to your body actually...

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Fat Loss Lessons From Hunter Gatherers

Our currently accepted view on metabolism and calorie burning is generally flawed. Today we discuss two constructs for calorie burning and metabolism.We then also explore common fat loss mistakes related to metabolically optimized fat loss and what you can do to...

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The Dangers of Resulting

If you understand that getting a stomach bug isn’t the best way to lose weight then you fundamentally understand the dangers of ‘resulting’ In this episode we explore the importance of making the right fat loss decisions, how to make them automatically, and how it...

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Celebrating the new year often comes with making new year’s resolutions, and for decades the most popular resolution is weight loss. Since it’s the number one resolution, you can bet it’s also among the resolutions that get broken year after year. Why do people struggle with weight loss and, more importantly, their nutrition?