Episode 031: Foods I Eat Everyday


Welcome to Episode 31 of the Dr. Mike Show!

There seems to be so many “superfoods” and “must eat” foods out there that if you ate all of them, you’d spend all your time eating and you’d eat way to many calories. If you only looked in magazines and online to get your nutrition inspiration, you would think that infinite variety of “superfoods” is essential for good health. The truth is that research shows, people eat generally the same 20 or so foods on a regular basis. Some daily and some weekly. I think that it is important to have a core number of foods that you eat day in and day out. These foods need to be nutritious but also deliver a unique nutritional punch that you can’t get elsewhere. In this episode I share with you the foods that I make sure I eat every single day.

In This Episode We’ll Look at the Following: 

  • What is BDNF
  • The concept of ‘Protein Stacking’
  • A quick & easy option you should add to you daily routine
  • Liquid vs. Solid …Protein (in terms of satiation)

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