Episode 030: The Sound Of Feeling Full


Welcome to Episode 30 of the Dr. Mike Show! One of the hardest things to do when it comes to nutrition is to “listen to our bodies.” What make this so hard is that there are a myriad of signals related to hunger, fullness, and our drive to eat that we don’t consciously register or know about. In this episode I reflect on an incredible conversation that I once had with Dr. Barbara Roll where we discuss feelings of satiety, how you can maximize them to curb excess calorie consumption, and what people are missing out on when it comes to eating and fullness.

In This Episode We’ll Look at the Following: 

  • What is ‘Satiety’
  • How can you get LESS calories per bite, while still feeling full
  • Do you listen to your body’s signals
  • Blueberries vs. Wild Blueberries
  • When is enough, enough

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