Dr. Mike is a nationally renown author of numerous health books that help people leverage the power of nutrition in a simple fashion to improve their health and reach their goals.

Books by Dr. Mike

Explore all of the books written by Dr. Mike Roussell ranging from Strength: The Field Manual to his classic “The 6 Pillars of Nutrition.”


SYNTHESIS is a protein powder that is designed for those who want to give their body the best – something that tastes great, fuels recovery on multiple levels, is made with ingredients you feel good about, uses best in class U.S. manufacturing, and rigorously tested so that you know what is on the label is in the product (and nothing else).

Neuro Coffee

Hand roasted artisan coffee infused with clinically studied antioxidants from the coffee fruit. Neuro Coffee was designed to provide a simple and enjoyable way to support your body’s natural ability to grow and repair neurons for optimal cognitive health. Available in ground beans and k-cups.


Neutein is the Antidote to Modern Life. Backed by 12 studies and millions of dollars in human clinical research – Neutein is the all-natural plant-based cognitive enhancement supplement that you have been waiting for. Clinically shown to improve focus, attention, and short term memory.

Minimally Processed Food Challenge

The Minimally Processed Food Challenge is a 30 Day Coaching Program that takes you one day at a time through learning to harness the power of minimally processed food for greater health, weight loss, and well-being. Break out of the processed and ultra-processed food trap, one meal at a time with Dr. Mike by your side.


Latin for the essence or being of a thing. Dr. Mike’s personal quest and study to find the true essence of life led to the Live Essentia brand. So that he could share with you quotes, mantras, and meditations to help ignite the force behind your soul’s purpose.