Turn On Your Lean Genes


Hack into your body’s DNA to fight fat. What’s the biggest nutrition breakthrough for the next 25 years? Our vote goes to nutrigenomics—the study of the interaction between what you eat and your DNA. Researchers have recently uncovered a handful of common foods that crank up your fat burning genes. Here’s how it works: Each […]

Is it dangerous to consume a huge quantity of fat, sugar, and salt in a single sitting?


Is it dangerous to consume a huge quantity of fat, sugar, and salt in a single sitting? Clearly you have summer barbecues on the brain. When else can you choke down three burgers, two dogs, a pound of potato salad, and five chocolate cupcakes without anyone looking twice? Click here to read this article at […]

The Golden Ratio for Heart Health


The Golden Ratio is a special number in a variety of aspects of our world, from The Great Pyramids to the Parthenon and even naturally in relationships – like the relationship between our navel and the top of our head to our feet. Recently, while reading research related to risk factors for both cardiovascular disease and […]

6 Ways to Get 30 grams of Protein at Breakfast

And Why You Need To!


Protein should be a central part of every meal. As Dr. Mike noted in a previous post, you may be sick of hearing about the benefits protein at this point, but even though you know the benefits of protein, you might not be consuming it in a way that will maximize your health and fitness […]

Protein Isn’t Making You Full

Here's how you can fix the problem


Protein is big news. You’ll hear a lot about the benefits of protein – how it can help you lose weight, build muscle, and help keep you full. All these things can be true, but they aren’t always true. Especially when it comes to fullness. The fullness effects or satiating power of protein is very misunderstood […]

A Fitness Model’s 3 Rules for Living Lean Without Hating Your Life

by Guest Writer: Jeremy Scott


My name is Jeremy Scott; I am an author, speaker, coach, who also happens to be a fitness model. I live “lean” 24/7/365 as part of the whole “fitness model” job description.  Being ready for a photo shoot for me means showing up at 5% body fat, ripped and pumped up, ready to go.  Often […]

Increasing Metabolic Flexibility

The key to keeping the weight off?


Your body can run off of carbohydrates or fat. Different kinds of cellular machinery and processes are used if your body is burning fat vs. carbohydrates, and vice versa. Your body’s ability to switch from using carbohydrates as fuel, to using fat as fuel, and then back to carbohydrates as fuel (or any combination of […]