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Zap Fat Fast—In 6 Easy Steps

Healthy Eating

Learn to look past calorie-counting and unleash the full fat-burning potential of your metabolism. When most obesity researchers look at a plate of food, they see macronutrients—carbs, proteins, and fats. Not Randy Seeley, Ph.D., a professor of endocrinology at the University of Cincinnati and the director of the Cincinnati Diabetes and Obesity Center. Seeley sees something […]

What is your supplement routine?


I am interested in hearing about your daily supplement routine!  Not only what you take each day, but the reasoning behind each. I firmly recommend that everyone take long chain Omega 3 every single day. To help you do this, I’m going to give away a bottle of my favorite Omega 3 supplement, Biotest’s Flameout. […]

Does Fiber Count In Calories?


Fiber does plenty of good things in your body, but its place in caloric calculations has yet to be nailed down. Get some soluble knowledge about this important dietary component! Fiber can be a little confusing. For a while, nutritional labels split this category into “soluble” and “insoluble” fiber, but those definitions didn’t capture the […]