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Neutein is a the Antidote to Modern Life. Backed by 12 studies and millions of dollars in human clinical research – Neutein is the all-natural plant-based cognitive enhancement supplement that you have been waiting for. Clinically shown to improve focus, attention, and short term memory.

Neuro Coffee

Hand roasted artisan coffee infused with clinically studied antioxidants from the coffee fruit. Neuro Coffee was designed to provide a simple and enjoyable way to support your body’s natural ability to grow and repair neurons for optimal cognitive health. Available in ground beans and k-cups


SYNTHESIS is a protein powder that is designed for those who want to give their body the best – something that tastes great, fuels recovery on multiple levels, is made with ingredients you feel good about, uses best in class U.S. manufacturing, and rigorously tested so that you know what is on the label is in the product (and nothing else).

Dr. Mike’s Books

6 Pillars of Nutrition

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Are you looking for a simple way to lose weight, one that allows you to live a normal life with better health and more energy? Nutritionist Mike Roussell, Ph.D., and fitness author Lou Schuler want you to know that permanent weight loss is possible without counting calories, weighing every portion of food, or obsessively timing every meal. In 6 Pillars of Nutrition, Dr. Mike reveals the foods that curb calorie intake naturally, and shows you how to work with your body’s biochemistry to take advantage of hunger-stopping hormones and the natural rhythm of your metabolism. With Dr. Mike’s 6 Pillars as your guide, you’ll look and feel better while still enjoying all the best things in life, including great food.

Strength the Field Manual

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Developed by Dr. Mike Roussell, Strength: The Field Manual, provides all the information and tools you need to develop strength in your life. By looking at the principles of strength, fueling strength and strength in action, this guide was developed to inspire and guide you to build strength in all areas of your life.

MetaShred Diet

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Unlock your body’s rapid fat loss capacity with Dr. Mike’s latest book – a paint by numbers simple blueprint for losing up to 15lbs in the next 28 days.

The MetaShred Diet is the culmination of a decade of academic research and individual client optimization for the pursuit of maximum fat loss in minimum time. It marries the most effective components of a calories in vs. calories out approach to fat loss with the best characteristics of a carbohydrate restricted hormonally driven diet plan. The MetaShred Diet progressively optimizes both the type and amount of calories that you are eating so that your body has liberal access to stored fat as a fuel source while at the same time leveraging the most recent nutritional science findings on appetite and craving suppression. The end result is a science and behavior driven fat loss program that will allow you to lose up to 20lbs in 28 days.

Dr. Mike’s Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes

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Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes is the ultimate resource for using smoothies to power your strong, fit, & healthy life! Created by nutritionist Dr. Mike Roussell the nutrition advisor for Men’s Health and Shape Magazine. Unfortunately most smoothies are nutritionally unbalanced, overloaded with carbs, and rely on nutrition buzz works like detoxifying and cleansing to make you believe that you are helping your body – when you are actually probably hurting it.

In Dr. Mike’s Ultimate Book of Smoothie Recipes, you will learn Dr. Mike’s simple smoothie template system to ensure that you make nutritionally charged and scientifically supported delicious smoothies each and every time to fire up your blender. This book is packed with 65 of the best tasting, nutritionally optimized smoothies that you will ever drink!

About Dr. Mike

Author, speaker and nutrition consultant, Mike Roussell, PhD transforms complex nutritional concepts into practical nutritional habits that his clients can use to ensure permanent weight loss and long lasting health.

His clients have included NBA all-stars, Hollywood stars and Silicon Valley executives that seek him out for his unique ability and experience to translate scientific findings into relevant and actionable strategies to achieve lifelong health.

As a consultant, Dr. Mike provide strategic assistance to food companies, commodity groups and digital healthcare start-ups in the development of evidence based programs  lifestyle and behavior programs for improving health and reducing risk/treating chronic cardiometabolic disease.

Dr. Mike serves on the Advisory Board for Men’s Health magazine, has published over 600 articles on health and nutrition, written 6 books, and appeared in over 200 television segments as a nutrition expert. 


Dr. Mike is consistently the guy I go to when I need to solve a health or performance related issue with a client that no one else can figure out. He’s a thought leader that sees the big picture of human biology and behavior.” – Bill Hartman
Advisor to Men’s Health Magazine; Co-Owner of I-FAST

Dr. Mike is the only nutritionist that I would trust my clients with. Whether they are an actor or model getting ready for a movie or photoshoot or an athlete that needs to perform at their best – Dr. Mike always delivers a diet and supplement strategy that gets results.” – Joe Dowdell, Celebrity Trainer