EP007 – How to Minimize the Calorie Damage from Thanksgiving While Enjoying Your Favorite Holiday Treats and Improving Your Family’s Health Culture

Dr. Mike Show Episode 007

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Dr. Mike Show. I am solo on this episode outlining your holiday survival guide for Thanksgiving. I outline how to structure your Thanksgiving day for maximum enjoyment and minimum damage to your weight loss progress. In This Episode You’ll Learn What food to eat first, second, and third to […]

Why You Might Not Need to Learn More About Nutrition

Last night was a rare treat as I was able to have dinner with a long-time friend who was in town for business. (Rochester, NY isn’t really a business hub that people frequent.) As you can imagine, our conversation eventually landed on nutrition. 🙂 We started talking about my friend’s diet,and there were two distinct […]

EP006 – Minimalist Cooking for a Lean Body, Meal Planning in Real Life, and How to Spot Great Scrapple with Special Guest Paul Kita

Dr. Mike Show Episode 006

Welcome to Episode 6 of the Dr. Mike Show. In this episode we are joined by Men’s Health Food & Nutrition Editor Paul Kita. Paul is THE food person at Men’s Health and has learned from many of the country’s tops food minds. Paul has just released his latest book – A Man, A Pan, […]

3 Keys to a Diet that Will Keep the Weight Off Forever

One of the recurring conversations that I have with clients is about the sustainability of their diets. In other words, how long can they keep up this new way of eating? I’ve never had a client who  hasn’t previously lost weight by changing their diet or lifestyle. Everyone has lost weight in the past. But […]

How to Improve Your Memory and Boost Brain Function

The Ultimate Lifestyle Guide

Everyone wants the mental edge. People of all ages want to avoid dementia, improve their memory, and maintain a sharp mind for life. And while researchers are asking more questions about how to deal with diseases of the brain, consumers are looking for a solution themselves. Since 2000, search results for Alzheimer’s disease in the […]