EP0018 – 100g Care Cure (8 Years Later)


Almost eight years ago, I wrote an article about the 100g Carb Cure at T Nation. I’ve been recommending this dietary approach for the longest time, and I’m glad to say even with the latest research, the blog holds on its own. However, eight years is a long time, and with the way nutrition research has progressed over the last few years, I have a few tweaks to make regarding my simple yet effective dietary practice.

In this episode, I discuss the idea behind the 100g Carb Cure and why it’s my favorite. I explain the principles of this type of diet, why the magic number is 100, and why it’s not as hard as it sounds. I also discuss how it can help you optimize your diet and workouts as well as share sample food servings and tips on how you can make this benchmark work for your fitness and nutrition goals.

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This week on the Dr. Mike Show:

  • What is the 100g Carb Cure?
  • What I would change now regarding this benchmark.
  • What happens when you set your carb benchmark to 100 grams max?
  • Why I chose to use 100 grams as the standard.
  • How this carb cure can support your fitness efforts.
  • What is the “Autoregulation Effect?”
  • Tips in maintaining this dietary practice.
  • How you can fit this practice into your carb cycling routine.
  • Sample foods and their respective servings to fit 100g of carbs.


Resources Mentioned:

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