EP0015 – Drinking Fitness Advice Through a Fire Hose


Michael Easter is a professor of journalism at the University of Nevada. Before becoming part of the academy, Michael has built a career writing and editing for online magazines like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Vice, and New York. He has extensive experience writing about health, fitness, nutrition, supplementation, and ideas that impact health and performance. Due to his expertise and real-world experiences, he is a known resource when it comes to anything related to health and fitness.

Michael joins me to share his thoughts and ideas about the vast world of health and fitness writing. He describes the state of the industry today and why there are a lot of loud articles that don’t really say anything. He explains why a lot of blogs are misleading or inaccurately relay information and how this affects consumers on a daily basis. He also describes his fitness routine as well as share his thoughts on popular exercise programs.

[Tweet “”Being able to push a little bit more each workout not only leads to better physical transformation but also mental.” – Michael Easter”]

This week on the Dr. Mike Show:

  • His career as an online journalist and why he transitioned to teaching.
  • The problems with health writing today and how consumers are affected.
  • The difference between political writing and scientific writing.
  • How he helps his students interpret studies and journals.
  • His thoughts on the best way to become fit.
  • His fitness routine and the different types of training he uses.
  • What is Rucking and its benefits?
  • His thoughts on Crossfit and other training programs.


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