Why You Might Not Need to Learn More About Nutrition

Last night was a rare treat as I was able to have dinner with a long-time friend who was in town for business. (Rochester, NY isn’t really a business hub that people frequent.) As you can imagine, our conversation eventually landed on nutrition. 🙂 We started talking about my friend’s diet,and there were two distinct […]

3 Keys to a Diet that Will Keep the Weight Off Forever

One of the recurring conversations that I have with clients is about the sustainability of their diets. In other words, how long can they keep up this new way of eating? I’ve never had a client who  hasn’t previously lost weight by changing their diet or lifestyle. Everyone has lost weight in the past. But […]

The One Hormone That Can Predict Your Metabolic Future

For the longest time, fat cells were viewed as these ever-growing storage blobs full of fat that just sat there. This could not be further from the truth, but unfortunately, this information hasn’t been very well published. The truth about fat cells is that they are dynamic cells that play a significant metabolic and hormonal […]

Pistachios – The Ultimate Snack?

Harness the Trifecta of Satiety and Then Some

Pistachios are a great snack (especially if you are rather hungry) because you get to eat more nuts per ounce than any other nut (ex: 49 pistachios vs. 22 almonds). Pistachios also take more time to eat. A good nutritional mantra is.. When in doubt, eat slower. This gives your body more time to process […]

Protein Isn’t Making You Full

Here's how you can fix the problem

Protein is big news. You’ll hear a lot about the benefits of protein – how it can help you lose weight, build muscle, and help keep you full. All these things can be true, but they aren’t always true. Especially when it comes to fullness. The fullness effects or satiating power of protein is very misunderstood […]

5 Post-Workout Recipes You Can Make with 5 Ingredients or Less

Eating the right amount of protein and carbohydrates after a work out can help fuel your muscles for growth. But figuring out what to chow down on doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Just try these 5 super-simple muscle recipes that use 5 ingredients or less. The list includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert […]

Chris Pratt’s Sage Diet Advice for You

I never thought that some of the best diet advice I’d hear would come from Andy Dwyer on Parks & Recreation. A couple years ago Chris Pratt, who played Andy Dwyer, was cast as Star Lord in the sci-fi film Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike Andy, Star Lord was a lean and pseudo-muscled space hero. This […]