EP002 – The Eat and Eat Again Rule, Gaining Weight During the Winter Months, and Pre-workout Supplements

Dr. Mike Show Episode 002

Welcome to the 2nd episode of The Dr. Mike Show.  I’m joined by my co-host Chris Dominello for a Key Topic/Q&A episode. The key topic we discuss is The “Eat and Eat Again” Rule, and then I’ll answer reader questions regarding gaining weight during the winter months, and pre-workout supplementation. In This Episode You’ll Learn The […]

Pistachios – The Ultimate Snack?

Harness the Trifecta of Satiety and Then Some

Pistachios are a great snack (especially if you are rather hungry) because you get to eat more nuts per ounce than any other nut (ex: 49 pistachios vs. 22 almonds). Pistachios also take more time to eat. A good nutritional mantra is.. When in doubt, eat slower. This gives your body more time to process […]

The Nutrition Gray Zone

Get There to Win with Your Diet (updated 01/2017)

Last night, I was a guest on Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation Podcast. Before the interview we chatted about not doing a traditional interview, (“what are the 5 foods that you think people should eat?”), instead we opted for a more free flowing, at sometimes philosophical, discussion. I think it went great…but I’m interested in hearing your […]

EP001 – The Best Way to Cut Carbs, Easy Breakfast Meals, and Protein Powder for Kids

Dr. Mike Show Episode 001

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Dr. Mike Show with I’m joined by my co-host Chris Dominello for a Key Topic/QnA episode. The key topic we discuss is the Hierarchy of Carbohydrates. I then answer reader questions about breakfast, protein powder for kids, and using protein powders to build more muscle.

The Complete Guide to Making Incredible Smoothies [16 Recipes Included]

Updated for 2017 with More Recipes

Shakes, blender bombs, power shakes, smoothies, whatever you want to call them, are a great tool in your nutritional arsenal. When made correctly, they allow you incredible flexibility and convenience with your nutrition. You might not have the time to sit down 3-4 times a day and eat a nutritious meal with lean proteins, fruits/vegetables, […]

4 Quick High Protein Breakfasts

Eating a high protein breakfast is the simplest way that you can set the stage for metabolic success during the day. Unfortunately, many people need convenience and feel handicapped by traditional breakfast choices that are carbohydrate-dominate, like cereals and breakfast bars. Don’t succumb to this metabolic mediocrity. I have put together four simple protein-packed breakfasts […]