Episode 036: Dr. Mike’s Best 7 Tips for Optimizing Youth Nutrition


Welcome to Episode 36 of the Dr. Mike Show!

Today I discuss a long overdue and highly requested topic – youth nutrition. What should you do to optimize your kids nutrition? More importantly HOW should you go about doing it.

In This Episode We’ll Look at the Following (a little bit of everything): 

  • A little science, like energy density
  • A little human behavior, like the role of modeling in food choices
  • A little trickery, like how to hide vegetables in your kids’ meals
  • A little humor, like my 11yo’s views on the role of beans in global warming

We kick the episode off with a sad/funny email I got from a PR person trying to pitch me a misguided article/interview about protein – you’ll want to listen to this 🙂

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