Episode 042: The Strong, Fit, & Healthy Life Philosophy


Welcome to Episode 42 of the Dr. Mike Show!

I’ve been wanting to record this episode for a long time. 

I’m glad that I waited because the more I thought about what to say, the more refined (and then valuable) the points I wanted to share with you became. This episode two months ago would have been me talking about the 6 Pillars of Nutrition again…

This isn’t that.

So what is this episode? In today’s show I lay out for you the details behind the Strong, Fit, & Healthy Life philosophy. I’m sure over the years you’ve heard me reference living a strong, fit, & healthy life but what does that actually mean?

In today’s show, we unpack that. Looking at each aspect – strength, fitness, and health and then what needs to be done to connect the dots between these 3 key factors for your life (not 28 days and not 6 weeks). 

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