Ask the Diet Doctor: Happy Hour Strategies


Q: What are the best ways to approach happy hour so I don’t get too buzzed too quickly?   A: When is comes to controlling your buzz, some factors are out of your control, but there are other things that are in your control that can help you minimize how tipsy you feel. Let’s look at both. […]

Why Salt Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Rep

Worried about your salt intake? Here’s how it really affects your health


Are you rolling the dice every time you sprinkle salt on your dinner, or does salt get an undeserved bad rep? Sodium and your heart health is such a controversial issue. Much of salt’s bad rap comes from its effect on blood pressure. But there are also a lot of things that impact blood pressure. […]

The Deal with Detoxifying Foods


Are any foods truly “detoxifying”? I’ve previously written about how you should be very wary of any product that claims to be detoxifying. However, our world is full of chemical and natural toxins (caffeine, for example) that our body needs to deal with in order to maintain optimal function. The good news is there are foods […]

“Can I Eat Ice Cream After A Workout?”


Q: I’ve seen people advocating using ice cream as part of a post-workout shake. Is there any merit to this? This idea has been floating around online and in fitness magazines for a few years. But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. Adding ice cream to your post-workout shake isn’t a great strategy. Regardless of your […]