HD Abs: The Ab-Etching Diet 4 Weeks Of Fat Burning


The weather is warming up. That means your abs don’t need that layer of fat insulation. Get rid of it, quick! I’m sure you have heard there is a limit to the number of pounds you can lose in one week. Most docs will tell you that shedding 1-2 pounds per week is healthy weight […]

6 Muscle-Building Snacks You Can Make with Protein Powder


Ignite muscle growth all day and stay lean with these flavorful, protein-packed snacks. Protein is superfuel for your body. It repairs your muscle fibers after a lifting session, providing the raw material that helps them grow bigger when you’re trying to gain size. But besides building muscle, protein helps keep you lean because it’s satiating—so […]

The Truth about Testosterone-Boosting Supplements

Do they really raise your T?


You see the ads everywhere, from Facebook to the online version of your local newspaper. They promise huge increases in testosterone by simply taking an over-the-counter supplement. But do these supplements really work to combat low testosterone, or are they all hype? In this video, I’ll give you the facts, based on my review of all […]

Tenderloin vs. Lentils: Which Protein Is Better for Your Heart?


Pursuit of a healthy heart and a fit body are often seen as separate journeys—at least in the eyes of many experts. For example, if your focus is a healthy heart, most medical and health professionals will advise you to eat a diet that’s low in saturated fat. Specifically, they’ll recommend that you limit your intake […]

The Protein-Packed Peanut Butter Dessert That Helps You Sleep Better


Don’t fear the bedtime snack. Dessert is good for you if you do it right. Next time you get a hankering for sweets at bedtime, whip up my peanut butter protein bomb! It’s packed with casein, a protein found in dairy products. Casein contains chemicals called casomorphins that promote relaxation and induce sleep.  Plus, it helps […]