Episode 037: Season 1 Highlights from Friday Fuel Up


Welcome to Episode 37 of the Dr. Mike Show!

This week I’ve put together for you some of my favorite snippets from season 1 of my other show – Friday Fuel Up. Friday Fuel Up was created so that I could pull nutrition and performance secrets from some of the world’s best.

In This Episode We’ll Hear From The Following : 

  • Professional skier and mountain biker KC Deane about how he melds goals into actions. didn’t have access to my office to record an episode
  • The head of nutrition for the LA Rams, Joey Blake on how he unlocks the power of nutrition in his NFL athletes (and how you can do it too)
  • Legendary outdoorsman and snowboarder Jeremy Jones on his method for building and maintaining a high level of fitness
  • Olympic Champion Triathletes (and Brothers), Alistair and Jonny Brownlee on the difference between theory and practice for when it comes to recovering from competitions and training
  • Former NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly on one of his inspirations for his record setting 341 consecutive days in space
  • Windboarding legend, Robbie Nash on how he became on of the best in the world while being allergic to setting goals
  • Jordan Mazur, the Director of Nutrition: San Francisco 49ers, on the nutrition strategies that he uses with NFL players that you can put into play in your life too

Doing all these interviews was one of my highlights of the past year and I hope that you get as much out of them as I did. You can see all the episodes from Season 1 at the American Pistachio Growers (americanpistachios.org) website.

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