A Really Bad Long Term Strategy for Weight Loss

Achieving and maintaining your ideal body weight requires a multi-faceted approach. You can’t go at it with just diet or just exercise if you are looking for optimal results. You can’t attack this problem with just one specific kind of exercise and expect optimal results. You need a mixed approach.  In a 2011 study, published in the […]

The Nutrition Gray Zone

Get There to Win with Your Diet (updated 01/2017)

Last night, I was a guest on Mike Robertson’s Physical Preparation Podcast. Before the interview we chatted about not doing a traditional interview, (“what are the 5 foods that you think people should eat?”), instead we opted for a more free flowing, at sometimes philosophical, discussion. I think it went great…but I’m interested in hearing your […]

The 6 Sinister Reasons You Overeat

Let’s get the obvious reason you overeat out of the way: Food tastes really good. And some of it tastes really, really good. The truth, though, is that everyone likes food, yet some people struggle to find their stopping point more than others. Being aware of the reasons you might overeat can help you identify […]

Neuronal Crowding, Your Brain, and Your Diet

Nutrition plans can be put into 2 phases: Planning & Executing. Generally, people love the planning phase. This is the fun part. You get to decide what diet plan you are going to use, select meals and recipes that you are going to eat, and you can even model out your rate of weight loss […]

Chris Pratt’s Sage Diet Advice for You

I never thought that some of the best diet advice I’d hear would come from Andy Dwyer on Parks & Recreation. A couple years ago Chris Pratt, who played Andy Dwyer, was cast as Star Lord in the sci-fi film Guardians of the Galaxy. Unlike Andy, Star Lord was a lean and pseudo-muscled space hero. This […]

Is This Food Bad for Me?

“Is [insert any random food] food bad for me?” This is a very common question that I get from people whether they be clients or a person sitting next to me on a plane after they learned that I’m a nutritionist. I still don’t have a good standard answer to this question as it depends […]

“Think….in new categories.”

In his book “The Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology” Dr. Maxwell Maltz tells a story about a Russian philosopher and mystic named Pyotr Ouspenskii. Maltz tells a tale of Ouspenskii taking psychedelic drugs in an effort to further his research into the nature of consciousness. During this alter state Ouspenskii takes out his pen and […]