When Slower is Better


Everyone wants fast. Fast can be good. One of my best selling weight loss programs was a 4 week fast fat loss program for advanced trainees. But fast is only temporary, you can only sprint for finite amount of time. Slow is oftentimes the better course of action.

One of my favorite sayings is slow is smooth and smooth is fast. By going slow, you end up getting to your goal faster.

Eat slower and you’ll enjoy your food more and feel more satisfied at the end of your meals.

Add slow cardio to your regimen to stimulate the rest and digest side of your nervous system, strengthen your heart, and lower your resting heart rate.

Scramble eggs slower at a lower temperature for softer and more delicious eggs.

Nap slowly. Take a 45 minute nap on the weekends to take advantage of the physically restorative properties of slow wave sleep.

Slow down your attention to focus on one item at a time. This will attenuate the depletion of your willpower throughout the day.

Have a snack rich in casein protein, a slower digesting protein that helps block muscle breakdown. Good casein rich snack foods are Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.

Slow down the rate in which you cut calories to prevent excessive reductions in basal levels of calorie burning

Slowly increase your total amount of exercise each week until you hit 4-5 hours a week. This increases the ‘calories out’ side of your weight loss equation allowing you to eat more food while still losing weight.

Slowly overwrite old habits with new ones. Focus your efforts on one habit at a time until it is fully ingrained in your behaviors before moving to the next habit.

Slow down the rate in which you exhale when you breathe. This stimulates your para-sympathetic nervous system and helps fight stress near instantly.

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