Transform Your Body with a Morning Reboot

Do you ever have a bad experience at home or on your way to work in the morning and that sour feeling sticks with you the entire day – poisoning meetings, your focus, and interactions with loved ones? I’m sure you have, because this happens to everyone. What happens to you in the morning is […]

Your Body On Fat Burners

The fat burning supplement market is huge. Multi-Billion Dollar huge. But I am getting more and more convinced that your chances of burning an appreciable amount of fat due to the average fat burning supplement are about as good of your chances of winning the MegaMillions Jackpot. A recent review of weight loss supplements showed that you shouldn’t expect more […]

How Much Protein Do I Really Need To Eat? Part 1

Last week following the publication of my article 5 High Calorie Breakfasts for More Muscle, I received a bunch of questions about protein intake, how much can your body use, and how much is too much. I was happy to see that as a whole we have gotten over the ‘too much protein is bad for your […]

3 Lean Body Secrets No One Has Told You

I’ve said this before…weight loss is easy. It is keeping the weight off that is difficult. The difficulty is due to the fact that maintaining a lean body over the long haul has little to do with grams of protein, fish oil, or block peroidization of you’re exercise program. Lifetime leanness is achieved not through […]

Simple Weight Loss Recipes

[quote]Do you have any simple recipes that I can use to lose weight?[/quote] Welcome to my email inbox. This combined with [quote]Do you have a simple weight loss diet plan that {I/my girlfriend/my wife/my sister/etc} can use to lose weight?[/quote] are easily the two most common nutrition questions that I get. I’m a big believer […]