Why You Should Be Happy That You Can’t Lose Weight

Your Body Will Make You Pay If this isn’t, it should be an irrefutable law, like gravity, because it always happens – especially with weight loss. An all too common conversation that I have with clients who are struggling to lose weight, centers on how what they “used to do” to lose weight is no […]

3 Lean Body Secrets No One Has Told You

I’ve said this before…weight loss is easy. It is keeping the weight off that is difficult. The difficulty is due to the fact that maintaining a lean body over the long haul has little to do with grams of protein, fish oil, or block peroidization of you’re exercise program. Lifetime leanness is achieved not through […]

Simple Weight Loss Recipes

[quote]Do you have any simple recipes that I can use to lose weight?[/quote] Welcome to my email inbox. This combined with [quote]Do you have a simple weight loss diet plan that {I/my girlfriend/my wife/my sister/etc} can use to lose weight?[/quote] are easily the two most common nutrition questions that I get. I’m a big believer […]

Understanding Interval Training for Fat Loss

If you’re interested in losing fat, the bottom line is to somehow create a negative energy balance. In other words, energy out must be greater than energy in. It seems quite simple then that all you’d need to do is to create a caloric deficit by reducing the number of calories eaten per day and […]