Your Mind is Continuing to Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts


Just a week or so ago I wrote about how there are lot of different factors that influence how much you eat during the course of a meal. In this post, I shared with you research on eating with other people and how who you eat with and the number of people that you eat with has been shown to influence how many calories you’ll consume at a meal (bad news for men with more than one wife who like to eat as a family – read the post and you’ll see what I mean).

Research along these same lines was just presented at Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior by Dr. Jeff Brunstrom of the University of Bristol UK and colleagues. In the study by Dr. Brunstrom, they showed study participants either a small amount of fruit or a larger amount of fruit and told the participates that is what they would be getting in their smoothie (in actuality they were both give the same amount).

They study participants they rated how satisfied they thought they would be after the smoothie and then again rated their satiety 3 hours after drinking the smoothie. The people who were shown the smaller amounts of fruit were significantly less satisfied despite acutally consuming the same amount of food.

If you are a regular reader of my blog this should come as no surprise to you, but just more evidence to support the fact that if you want to be more satisfied while eating less calories you need to bulk up your diet with more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables give you the visual appeal of eating a lot of food without the high calorie backlash.

Could Our Minds Be Tricked Into Satisfying Our Stomachs? [Science Daily]

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