The Future You


I have been on a great run in the gym since the beginning of the year. Late in October I worked up to a max deadlift and topped off at 425lbs (failing to pull 450lbs). Friday I deadlifted 450lbs for 2 sets of 2. Today I continued towards my impromptu goal of deadlifting 500lbs. While I moved up in my weights I felt depleted (less than 6 hours of sleep will do that to you). But it made me think about pushing your limits.

Today I truly felt like I was pushing my limits. I was way outside of my comfort zone. Mentally I started doubting myself before my lifts. This happens when you are tired. It happens to everyone. The question is what will you do? Will you let your mind talk you out of it? Or will you keep going?

I could have stayed in bed this morning when my alarm went off at 5:20am but I knew my training partner was waiting, there was work to be done, and that if I didn’t train first thing in the morning then I wasn’t going to get it in.

Sure….I’ve turned off my alarm in the past, rolled over, and got a couple more hours sleep.

I tell clients this all the time “What has happened in the past doesn’t matter. What you do today is what counts.” Last night I read a great line (below) from a book that I”m reading “Buddha’s Brain”

Future Self

Don’t worry about the past. Mold the you of the future with your actions right now. That’s all we can do.


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