EP009 – MetaShred Diet Deep Dive Part 2: Diet Myths and Misconceptions


Welcome to Episode 9 of the Dr. Mike Show.

Welcome to part two of the MetaShred diet deep dive series, the series that provides you with an insider’s glimpse of the philosophy, mission, and components that make the MetaShred diet an effective way to lose weight quickly.

On today’s episode, I’m debunking some of the most common myths and misconceptions about weight loss, nutrition, and exercise and explain the three fundamental strategies that make the MetaShred diet a practical, effective way to lose weight and optimize your health. I explain the difference between the cumulative and constrained theories of total energy expenditure, what a reasonable energy gap is and how it impacts your ability to lose weight, and the true impact of “cheat meals” on your metabolism. I also explain the importance of increasing the amount of protein you eat in your diet and how the hierarchy of carbohydrates can help you create a diet plan that meets your nutritional needs while helping you achieve your weight-loss goals.


In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The truth behind the most common weight loss myths and misconceptions.
  • The 3 Fundamental strategies that make the MetaShred diet a practical, effective way to lose weight and optimize your health.
  • The difference between the cumulative and consternated theories of total energy expenditure.
  • How to optimize the ‘energy gap’ for greater weight loss.
  • The true impact of cheat meals.
  • and more…

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