EP006 – Minimalist Cooking for a Lean Body, Meal Planning in Real Life, and How to Spot Great Scrapple with Special Guest Paul Kita


Welcome to Episode 6 of the Dr. Mike Show. In this episode we are joined by Men’s Health Food & Nutrition Editor Paul Kita. Paul is THE food person at Men’s Health and has learned from many of the country’s tops food minds. Paul has just released his latest book – A Man, A Pan, A Plan (it is awesome). In today’s show we discuss how Paul got into cooking and working at Men’s Health, his meal planning and preparation rituals and what a minimalist needs to survive in the kitchen.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The only 4 items you need in the kitchen (strawberry pitter not required).
  • How to use a Movie Meal to accelerate you meal prep on the weekends.
  • Exactly how Paul plans and preps his meals (I recommend that you copy is methods ASAP).
  • Paul’s top tips for awesome cooking.
  • The only knife you need in the kitchen

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