EP002 – The Eat and Eat Again Rule, Gaining Weight During the Winter Months, and Pre-workout Supplements


Welcome to the 2nd episode of The Dr. Mike Show.  I’m joined by my co-host Chris Dominello for a Key Topic/Q&A episode. The key topic we discuss is The “Eat and Eat Again” Rule, and then I’ll answer reader questions regarding gaining weight during the winter months, and pre-workout supplementation.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • The “Eat and Eat Again” Rule
  • Neuro Coffee Giveaway
  • The Metashred Diet
  • Are the winter months making you fat?
  • Are pre-workout powders beneficial, or a waste of money?

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KEY TOPIC – The Eat and Eat Again Rule

So today is another key topics show, and the key topic today is the “Eat and Eat Again” rule. Whenever I’m talking to a large audience, the “Eat and Eat Again” rule is something that I always like to stress, and talk about, because it’s really simple.  When people are talking about, “How can I change my life?” “How can I improve my nutrition?” you need something actionable. I really dislike nutrition information that’s not actionable. Stuff like, “Eat less saturated fat”, “Eat less sodium”.  To me, that advice is worthless – because you don’t eat saturated fat, you eat foods. Trying to eat less sodium is so abstract that it’s near impossible.

The “Eat and Eat Again” rule is very simple – you can eat as much food as you want, at a given meal, as long as you’re willing to eat that same amount of food two or three hours later.  So, when you look at your meal size, this is a great way to prevent you from from falling into this “feast and famine” cycle.  The feast and famine cycle is when you have a massive lunch, and because you’re so full, you eat a very small amount of food at dinner, but then after dinner you end up eating again because you’re very hungry, or the next morning you eat another very large meal.  This “large meal, small meal, large meal, small meal”, this “feast and famine” cycle is something that we really want to get away from.  With the “Eat and Eat Again” rule, you just need to be really honest with yourself.  When you sit down to a meal, say to yourself, “If I eat this whole thing, could I eat a similar amount of food in two or three hours?”  The “Eat and Eat Again” rule regulates your portions if you’re honest with yourself. I like it because it’s very simple, there’s no calorie counting, there’s no anything. Just look at the amount of food that you’re eating and say “Could I eat this same amount in two or three hours?” If the answer is no, then you need to reduce the size of the meal you are eating.

That’s your challenge over the next three days – implement the “Eat and Eat Again” rule. Don’t worry about anything else, just implement the “Eat and Eat Again” rule at every single meal.  This is a good test, because if you are unable to do that for the next three or four days, then that should be a good message to you that you need to focus your efforts – not on carb-cycling or ketogenic diets, or whether all of your food is organic. None of this.  That’s the micro, let’s focus on this macro – the “Eat and Eat Again” rule.  I’m interested to hear how it goes. Post comments below or hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @mikeroussell.



  • Welcome to the show, overview of topics (Eat and eat again rule, are winter months making you fat? and pre-workout supplements) 00:30
  • Introduction of Dr. Mike Roussell (Dr. Mike) and Chris Dominello – new giveaway! (2:30)
  • Giveaway details – this week is a bag of Neurocoffee! http://getneurocoffee.com (3:35)
  • Dr. Mike discusses the “Eat and Eat Again” rule (4:30)
  • Chris Dominello talks about step-by-step processes and how they are easier to integrate into our lives (5:30)
  • Dr. Mike goes into detail about the “Eat and Eat Again” rule, pizza is discussed! (7:30)
  • Dr. Mike and Chris discuss portion size and more pizza! (8:45)
  • Dr. Mike discusses low carb diets and desire to eat (11:30)
  • Dr. Mike talks about eating out at restaurants, portion size, and how it relates to the “Eat and Eat Again” rule (13:10)
  • Reader questions. First question – Winter fat? (17:35)
  • Second reader question – Pre-Workout supplements (24:02)
  • Dr. Mike and Chris continue to discuss pre-workout supplements and Planet Fitness (28:00)
  • Dr. Mike continues discussion of pre-workout supplements, including beta-alanine (30:27)
  • Dr. Mike and Chris wrap up the show! (33:30)

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