4 Ways to Easily Reduce Stress


Back in December I had an article published that shared 4 simple ways that you can reduce stress in your life. One of the reasons that you should focus on stress reduction is because of the effect that stress has on your hormones such as thyroid and leptin to name a few. While I don’t have randomized clinical trials to support the assertion that stress also negatively impacts digestion and your digestive system; I have been around enough people in my life that ‘carry their stress in their stomach’ to know that it has a profound impact on this area of your body as well.

What are the 4 things?

1. Drink 5 Cups of Green Tea Each Day – This level of green tea consumption has been associated with reduced signs and symptoms of psychological distress and depression.

2. Use Kava Kava – Kava Kava is an herb that has been used in scientific studies to successfully to treat  mild and infrequent anxiety.

3. Get Better Sleep – The quality (more so than quantity) of sleep that you get greatly impacts your stress hormones.

4. Supplement with Rhodiola Rosea
– Classified and studied by Russia during the mid 20th century. This herb was (and still is in may circles) used for the treatment of fatigue.

For more a more indepth look at these four tips check out the full article at T-Muscle.com.

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