3 Ways You Sabotage Your Weight Loss Diet


There is nothing more frustrating than sticking to your diet and exercise plan but not losing weight. You think you are doing everything you are supposed to do but the weight just isn’t coming off like it should. You ask yourself ‘What is Going On?!” I might have the answer for you. Today I want to share with you three under the radar ways that you could currently be sabotaging your weight loss efforts without evening knowing it.

Nibbling while Cooking
This is my personal demon. I’m a nibbler. Snacking and nibbling on the foods that you are cooking while preparing your meals can be a significant source of unaccounted for calories. Let’s say you are making a chicken, vegetable, and cashew stir-fry. You have a couple cashews while getting the ingredients out, a small handful while adding them to the dish, next thing you know you’ve had 200-300 unaccounted calories.

One of the great benefits of ‘meal preparation chunking’, a technique that I teach which involves getting most if not all of your food prep done at one time at the beginning of the week. This cuts down on the temptation of nibbling by just removing it from the equation, except for one time during the week.

Generous Portions
Over measuring is another huge mistake that is commonly made and overlooked. If you are having trouble losing weight then you need to be honest with yourself about measuring your food. Is the tablespoon of peanut butter that you add to your shake truly a tablespoon or is it more like a 1/4 cup? Did you just pour approximately 1 TBSP of olive oil into the non stick pan or was it more like 3 TBSP? These small mismeasures can add up and may be the thing holding you back from losing the weight that you should.

While recently several scientific studies have concluded that exercise is not as an important part of weight loss as many people think; I still believe that exercise is of the utmost importance. While you may already be training with weights at least 3 days a week and on top of that you are completing 3 more metabolic/interval type sessions it is key that every couple weeks you take the time to audit your exercise intensity. How hard you are training is more important than how often you are training. Increased intensity is easily the difference between 5 pounds of weight loss and 10 pounds of weight loss.

To wrap things up for this article, if you feeling like you are doing everything that you should be doing but you still aren’t losing weight, run a quick audit on your life and see if you are adding unaccounted for calories via nibbling, mismeasuring, and/or do you need to step up the intensity during your training sessions. Make one or all three of these adjustments in your life and the weight will start coming off again.

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