10 minutes To a Better Day – Warm-up & Activation Routine


In the last issue of Strong, Fit, & HealthyI started talking with you about setting the tone for your day by having a wildly nutritious meal that energized you and set the standard top high octane nutritional fuel. Today I want to build on that with something from one of the Strong, Fit, & Healthy advisors Keith Scott.

My favorite foam roller and a key component to staying pain free and feeling great!

 After nutrition, Keith sees setting the tone physically is the next key for having a million dollar morning. He’s not talking about hitting the gym first thing in the morning. While that is a great idea, it isn’t practical or an option for many people due to their family or work requirements and responsibilities. Instead Keith has come up with a short routine that you can do anywhere in less than 10 minutes. This is the exercise version of espresso, compact, potent  and rejuvenating. Keith’s morning wake up routine targets two specific areas. I’ll let him explain it from here:
Check it Out – More From Keith
Want more ways to activate, mobilize, and restructure sticking points, aches, and pains?
Keith has put together his best workout in this comprehensive training program. Keith walks you step by step on how to determine what is holding your back physically. I corresponded with Keith for over a year when he was getting this system down on paper for you (it takes a while to distill down 18 years of expertise in strength training and sports rehab into a plug and play system).
If you have any nagging aches and pain or are frustrated that you don’t move like you used to this is the program for you.

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