How to Lose Weight


People are constantly asking about how to lose weight. Ironically losing weight isn’t hard – really. There are plenty of ways to lose weight: low carb diets, low fat diets, liquid diets, etc. They all work. Basically you just need a calorie deficient. We often miss that point in our search for the newest best and hottest way to lose weight.

The kicker is how do you keep the weight off. I have currently lost 10lbs since the Monday after Thanksgiving testing out a new diet (I think I’ve mentioned this before here) – Naked Nutrition for Extreme Fat Loss. I am planning on collecting some volunteers in January to “test” this diet for me before it is released to the general public.

When you go on this diet you will lose weight, a lot. But the real question is will you keep the weight off? Will you embrace the NNX diet, lose a boat load of weight, and then put it all back on by Memorial Day?

The question isn’t “How to lose weight?” The questions is “How do I keep the weight off?”

There is no pill for this (here’s a secret, there never will be)? Fortunately when you adopt an extreme fat loss plan like Naked Nutrition for Extreme Fat Loss you will get some perspective on your eating habits. During the past several weeks I have noticed a couple things about myself like…

1. I’m a snacker (not junk but calories do add up)

2. I’ll do anything to justify not doing cardio

There are a bunch more but this is a blog not a confessional.  What I’m trying to get at here is that figuring out how to lose weight isn’t the holy grail of fitness. Instead changing your life so you keep that weight off is. Think about your own life. I’m sure you’ve dieted and lost weight before AND I’m also sure that you have put that weight back on. So you DO know how to lose weight. You don’t know how to keep that weight off.

Helping people keep the weight off is one of the main reasons that I have revamped the Your Naked Nutrition Guide package. There is a new 45 Day Fat Loss Accelerator Program that will help ramp up your weight loss but also teach you the skills to keep the weight off – for good.

Have a good one,


P.S. If you are interested in being a “tester” for Naked Nutrition for Extreme Fat Loss then you should pick up a copy of Your Naked Nutrition Guide as I will be taking Naked Nutrition owners on as part of the project first and then if there are left over spots I’ll get blog readers.

In addition to the Your Naked Nutrition Guide manual you now get the following free (instantly):

  1. Your Naked Nutrition Guide Audiobook
  2. High Octane Recipes
  3. Blender Bombs
  4. Build Muscle, Boost Metabolism Training Program
  5. Less Fat, More Muscle Training Program
  6. Beginner Fat Loss Training Program
  7. V.I.P Fat Loss Teleseminar Recording
  8. 45 Day Fat Loss Accelerator Program

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