Neuro Coffee

Neuro Coffee is a new generation of clinically studied brain health supplements that allows you to support your brain and neuron health by doing what you love to do – drinking coffee.

To understand how I came to developing a supplement that was delivered via coffee and not a pill I need to take you back to before I had my PhD….

My wife and I got married right after I graduated college.

10 days after we got married, we moved to Burlington, Vermont so that I could attend medical school at the University of Vermont.

My wife, a speech pathologist, got a job that she really enjoyed, working in local elementary and middle schools.

Fast forward 12 months. Medicine isn’t what I imagined. My future, as I saw it, contained…

Not enough nutrition.

Not enough face time with patients.

Too much paper work and bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

So I zigged and left medical school, moved to central Pennsylvania, and started the Nutrition PhD program at Penn State. (Go Penn State!)

Unfortunately, this meant that my wife had to leave her ideal job to work in an area of speech pathology that she never thought she’d work in – nursing homes.

While this wasn’t her ideal job, it did give rise to what could be one of the greatest observations EVER.

She would always come home from work and say to me,

“Mike, it is amazing that no matter how elderly or sick someone at the nursing home is, they always drink their coffee. There is something that must be so comforting and routine, that even when you are too elderly to do so many things – you still can drink your coffee.”

She would then go on to talk about how if someone could figure out a way to enhance coffee with the nutrition that these people needed (as so much of caring for elderly is mitigating the malnutrition that they suffer from) they would really have a successful product.

It reminds me of one of the things that one of my early mentors used to always tell me,

“People don’t want to eat healthy foods. They want to be told that the foods they are eating are healthy.”

I take the meaning of that piece of advice to be that changing behaviors is hard. So, if we can create a more healthful version of something for people, it will be very valuable, as they won’t need to change their behaviors to reap the benefits.

Coffee is the ultimate trojan horse.

The ultimate delivery vehicle for improving health – as it is something that many (if not most) of us are wired to do.

Just like my wife had envisioned – if we could improve upon coffee, it would be a slam dunk for people to reap the benefits – as no one forgets to drink their coffee. (no matter how old you are!)

Using this as my guiding star…

I set out to find a way to improve health via by enhancing coffee.

Have you ever heard the saying…

one man’s trash is another man’s treasure

This saying tells the second part of Neuro Coffee’s origin story.

Back to coffee.

Did you know that coffee comes from a fruit? It looks sort of like a cherry. the fruit itself acutally contains more antioxidants than the coffee bean itself.

Despite this, most of the coffee fruit is thrown away in the fields right after it is picked and the bean taken out.



A group of razor-sharp scientists saw an opportunity in this ‘waste’.

They developed a process that prevented mold from being formed while also dehydrating and concentrating the antioxidants form the fruit into a stable powder – right in the coffee fields!

(yay science!!)

They turned someone’s trash into treasure.

These scientists then refined the purification and concentration process of the coffee fruit so that the end product was highly potent antioxidants.

The research behind these concentrated antioxidants is really incredible. It has been shown to directly increase a key protein in your body that is responsible for growing and fixing neurons.

Imagine if you could drink something that would provide your brain cells with the nourishment they need, to not just grow and make new connections, (which is the process your brain goes through in order to make new memories and learn new things), but to also repair damage to the neurons that occur as a result of the aging process?

You can!


That is Neuro Coffee!

My team has taken these powerful antioxidants that have been shown, in multiple clinical studies, to increase these key brain health-enhancing proteins, (what scientists call ‘brain derived neurotrophic factor’ or ‘BDNF’), and put them into coffee to make Neuro Coffee.

We’ve brought the best parts of the coffee fruit back to coffee – and created coffee that will improve your brain health.


what makes it even better is that it uses the “trojan horse” strategy that we talked about yesterday.

Because it is coffee, you will always remember to take it.

Even me, a nutrition PhD, forgets to take my vitamins and supplements.

I never forget to have my morning Neuro Coffee.

You won’t either.

Especially because the coffee tastes amazing.

I can’t wait for you to try it (I think you’ll love it).

You can start increasing levels of a key neuro-protein known to be critical to cognitive health, memory, learning, and executive function…just by drinking Neuro Coffee.

Click here to learn more and upgrade your coffee habit to one that supports your brain health.