Weight Training and Cortisol Response – You Shouldn’t Care


Proper workout nutrition and obliterate increases in cortisol due to training

The hormone Cortisol has long been the boogeyman of the fitness and training world.  Cortisol is a hormone release from your adrenal glands (they sit right above your kidneys) primarily in response to stress. It is a very complicated hormone. Despite its complicated nature the impact and role of cortisol has been dumbed down to be one thing – catabolic (a.k.a. muscle destroying). It strikes fear in the eyes of hard training athletes and gym goers across the globe.

Well I dug a little deeper into the cortisol story and it turns out that cortisol isn’t the muscle destroying character that it has been made out to be and it might actually be a surrogate marker of a productive workout (sort of blasphemous I know).  I put my findings all together in an article that was published at Bodybuilding.com.

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