EP004 – Weight loss, Meditation, and How to have 6 pack abs at 50 with special Guest Bill Hartman


Welcome to Episode 4 of the Dr. Mike Show. In this episode we are joined by Men’s Health Fitness Advisor and physical therapist, Bill Hartman P.T., C.S.C.S. This past year, I helped Bill lose 37lbs leading up to his 50th birthday. We discuss things he learned from his transformation and how he has been able to keep the weight off.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • How transforming your body leads into other areas of your life
  • How meditation helps fight food cravings
  • How Bill ended up losing 37 pounds when he thought he only needed to lose 20 pounds
  • Creating post-weight loss goals that guarantee you never lose your abs
  • The one thing you should stop doing – related to your health and fitness

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  • 00:00 – Welcome to the show / Dr. Mike and Chris Dominello say hello / Special guest Bill Hartman is introduced
  • 00:15 – Topics of the day are introduced (how transforming your body leads into other areas of your life / the one thing you should stop doing related to your health and fitness
  • 01:19 – Show sponsors are introduced (Neuro Coffee)
  • 01:36 – Today’s giveaway (A month’s supply of Neuro Coffee!)
  • 02:43 – Dr. Mike and Bill talk about Neuro Coffee
  • 06:34 – Chris Dominello, Dr. Mike, and Bill continue to discuss Neuro Coffee
  • 11:30 – Dr. Mike discusses Bill’s Background
  • 18:00 – Dr. Mike and Bill continue their discussion, and discuss Bill’s plan to achieve 5% body fat by age 50.
  • 26:00 – Dr. Mike, Bill, and Chris continue their discussion. Small changes and motivation are discussed. Also ice cream and tacos!
  • 28:30 – Weight loss and motivation discussion continues, with Chris Dominello’s favorite topic: Pizza!
  • 31:30 – Dr. Mike and Bill discuss meditation and morning rituals and the brain.
  • 37:00 – The Meditation app Headspace is discussed briefly.
  • 39:48 – The question ‘How much weight should I lose?’ is discussed, along with goals and muscle loss during weight loss and behavior directed approach vs. ‘end goal’ thinking.
  • 42:04 – Post weight loss goals and a pizza eating contest is discussed.
  • 47:30 – Discussion of post weight loss goals continue, also imaginary dessert!
  • 47:50 – Dr. Mike asks special guest about what he wishes people would do more of related to health and fitness, and what he wishes people would do less of.
  • 51:02 – Dr. Mike and Bill discuss IFAST University and wrap up their discussion.

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