EP003 – The ‘What the Hell?’ Effect, Setting Big Audacious Fat Loss Goals, Nutrients that Compete for Absorption, The Best Time of Day to Take Supplements


Welcome to the 3rd episode of The Dr. Mike Show.  I’m joined by my co-host Chris Dominello for a Key Topic/Q&A episode. The key topic we discuss is The “What the Hell” Effect, setting big fat loss goals, and then I’ll answer reader questions regarding nutrient absorption, and the post-exercise insulin window.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • What are the effects of the ‘Eat and Eat Again’ rule on hunger?
  • What is the ‘What the Hell?’ effect?
  • Should you set big, audacious fat loss goals?
  • Do nutrients compete for absorption?
  • What is the post exercise insulin window?
  • What is the best time of day to take supplements?

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  • Describing the effects of the ‘eat and eat again’ rule on hunger [4:08]
  • What is the ‘what the hell?’ effect? [8:55]
  • Moderation in eating when on a diet [15:50]
  • Setting big, audacious fat loss goals [20:49]
  • Thoughts on nutrients competing for absorption and the post exercise insulin window [23:20]
  • Thoughts on the best time of day to take supplements [30:24]

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