Why Salt Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Rep

Worried about your salt intake? Here’s how it really affects your health

Are you rolling the dice every time you sprinkle salt on your dinner, or does salt get an undeserved bad rep?

Sodium and your heart health is such a controversial issue. Much of salt’s bad rap comes from its effect on blood pressure. But there are also a lot of things that impact blood pressure.

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2 thoughts on “Why Salt Doesn’t Deserve Its Bad Rep

  1. It would also be helpful for people to know that sodium intake also factors into water retention, which is why dieters who are obese think they’ve dropped “15 pounds in a week!” when what they’ve done is reduce their salt intake, releasing the water that’s trapped in there. Given one pound equals 3,500 calories, losing 15 pounds would be burning 52,000 calories, and most people – athletes excepted – exist within a 2,000-3,000 calorie a day allowance (14-21,000/week, so it’s unlikely they actually lost 15 pounds). Unless they’re running 15 hours a day, they are not losing actual weight, but the release of the water stored thru excess sodium consumption. It is surprising how unaware people are of this.

  2. I always watch my salt in take , my blood pressure has been high , really high ,but I lost 3 stone & go to the gym ,but I have to watch potassium levels & avoid foods that are high in it ,because of fluid retention, so Bananas , Potatoes are out ,Iam careful with coffee & tea aswell , I consume lots of milk which dosent contain so much & I not affected , some times it can be 18 pints in two weeks ,but normally 12 . Semi Scim, , & fresh Orange juice + a LTR + Cold water per day , I promise you I in good condition ,if you think its to much ,tell me & Ill replace it with water, has I value your advice & will take it . Patrick .