“Can I Eat Ice Cream After A Workout?”

Q: I’ve seen people advocating using ice cream as part of a post-workout shake. Is there any merit to this? This idea has been floating around online and in fitness magazines for a few years. But honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it. Adding ice cream to your post-workout shake isn’t a great strategy. Regardless of your […]

Ask the Diet Doctor: Cravings and Nutrient Deficiencies

Q: Do food cravings mean that I am deficient in particular nutrients? A: If you’re dehydrated, feeling thirsty is your body’s way of urging you to drink water. If you’re tired, feeling sleepy is your body’s way of urging you to sleep. Our lives are full of different situations where our bodies have a physical […]

Ask Dr Mike – How To Properly Deadlift

In this installment of Ask Dr. Mike, We have Todd Bumgardner back with us to talk about fixing beginner deadlift mistakes. These tips will help you pull more weight and avoid injury. The deadlift is an incredible exercise that will pay you serious dividends in and out of the weight room as long as you […]

Ask Dr Mike How Low Should You Go in a Romanian Deadlift?

In this installment of Ask Dr. Mike, Dr. Mike addresses a question from a Twitter follower, “How low should I go in a Romanian Deadlift?” Mike and Todd demonstrate the correct way to perform a RDL. tips for proper form: keep your spine as long as possible keep your lats activated by pulling the bar […]

Ask Dr Mike: Carbs and Recovery

In this installment of Ask Dr. Mike, Dr. Mike discusses the ratio of carbs to protein in recovery shakes. If carbs are reduced too much, does this impact recovery? Glycogen replenishment is discussed. What should common practice be, if I want to reduce carbs in my recovery shake? Did you like the video? Do you […]