Meet Dr. Mike

Hi. I’m Mike Roussell, PhD. My mission as a nutrition consultant is to give you practical, time tested, and scientifically validated methods and strategies to reach your health and fitness goals in the most efficient manner possible. On this site you will find hundreds of articles and videos about nutrition and supplementation strategies and research that you can use to optimize your weight loss, performance, or health efforts. If you are looking for even more in-depth guidance and coaching you’ll also find home study courses, diet plans, and one-on-one private coaching. Absorb all the information, post comments, interact, and let me help you live a strong, fit, and healthy life.


Dr. Mike Featured with NBA All-Star Roy Hibbert

Recently STACK Media went to Indianapolis Indiana for the day to spend a day with NBA All-Star and nutrition consulting client, Roy Hibbert. I flew down to Indy to spend the day with Roy and talk about the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation for optimizing Roy’s performance on the court. I make an appearance around the 50 second mark.

The Most Comprehensive Diet & Training Home Study Course for Fitness Professionals

The Peak Diet & Training Design Home Study Course is now available with NSCA and NASM CEUS.

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