Your Naked Nutrition Guide (Front Cover)
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Your Naked Nutrition Guide (Original Manual)

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Back in 2007 I released my very first nutrition manual, Your Naked Nutrition Guide. It was a huge success and was available for 3 years until being removed from the market. Since then I have had lot of requests to make it available again. I’ve listened and now the nutrition manual that helped put me on the map as a nutrition consultant is available in its original form. Your Naked Nutrition Guide is a comprehensive nutrition manual which reveals:

-How to achieve the body of your dreams 58% faster than before.
-Learn the big lie about “Losing 2lbs Per Week”.
-The one mental “trick” that will fast track your fat loss.
-Be privy to the goal setting tactics of a national championship bodybuilder that are so simple you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it but so effective it could be the one tip that you need to take you from flabby to fit.
-The number one mistake people make that prevents them from achieving maximum fat loss.
-The definitive answer on the “Type of Calories vs. Total Calories” debate – this will change how you look at popular diets forever.
-How to guarantee that you don’t give up on your weight loss goals after just 8 days.
-What scientific researchers are really saying about how much protein you need (dietitians and the government have been lying to you for years about this).
-How you have been lied to by “12 Week Body Transformation Experts” about what kinds of carbohydrates you should be eating.
-The one factor you need to know about how to exponentially increase the volume of food you eat (while still burning fat).
-The #1 reason why you shouldn’t drink fruit juice (it could be secretly sabotaging your fat loss).
-How one change to a person’s diet resulted in 50lbs of weight loss!
-Discover the foods that actually increase you metabolism (the more you eat the more your burn).
-Why you have been lied to about the benefits of “complex carbohydrates”
-How during certain times of the day you body refuses to store carbohydrates as fat.
-The one mistake that can cause your body to store carbohydrates as fat (Some best selling diet authors are actually recommending that people do this!!)
-Why you actually may not be eating enough food to burn fat.
-How to monitor and fix your nutrition plan so that you are continually melting fat away (say good bye to weight loss plateaus).
-How to achieve the body you have been yearning for without counting calories.
-Exactly what food to eat to burn fat and build muscle.
-The 6 Pillars of Nutrition that you must follow.
-What supplements are essential to your success.
-What are the three supplements you must take to ensure maximum fat loss.
-Which protein powder is best for you.
-What supplements have been shown by science to enhance performance.
-The dirty secret of drug store fish oil supplements and how it could not only be poisoning your fat loss but your health.
-How to tell if that popular “fat burner” is really burning fat or if it is just burning a whole in your pocket.
-What are the essential components of workout nutrition.
-How simple it is to harness the power of the biggest break through in sports nutrition.
-What the research really says about fat loss and workout carbohydrates.
-Why not eating (or drinking) during your workout is setting your body up for disaster!
-Why calculating your body fat percentage is a waste of time and may actually be sabotaging your progress.
-Why weighing yourself once a week is a bad idea.


The Table of Contents

Table of Contents - Page 1

Table of Contents (Page 1)

Table of Contents - Page 2

Table of Contents (Page 2)

Additional Bonus

Naked Nutrition Workbook

To help out my personal coaching clients I created the Naked Nutrition Client Manual. It was 3-ring binder allows them to quickly and easy plan their meals track their weight loss.

It has also been used in a select number of gym’s across the country with huge success – people love it. Until now it has not been available to the general public. The worksheets and components align perfectly with Your Naked Nutrition Guide. You will recieve a PDF of the Client Manual for free with your purchase of Your Naked Nutrition Guide.


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