Low carb or intermittent fasting. Which one is better for fat-loss and training?


While the low-carb diets get shouted from the rooftops, intermittent fasting has been slowly gaining popularity. Find out how these two vanguard dietary schemes stack up!  Low-carb diets seem to be king of the hill at the moment, but I’ve been hearing a lot about intermittent fasting lately. Which is a better fat-loss diet? This […]

Cortisol And Muscle-Building: Does It Even Matter?


You’ve heard that cortisol and bodybuilders are archenemies. Even if cortisol isn’t your friend, it definitely isn’t the enemy you’ve been led to fear! Sculpting a lean, muscular body is about more than just eating right and training hard. It requires advanced manipulation of anabolic and catabolic hormones throughout the day, ruthlessly battling and suppressing […]