Your First 21 Days and Faster Fat Loss

Change is difficult. It may be the most challenging component of your fat loss program. You know that eating junk food or a meal that’s inconsistent with your fat loss goal moves you further from your goal, but sometimes it’s just easier to skip a workout or eat your favorite food than to stick to […]

Your End of Summer Restart

Your last excuse just got on the bus for school. Summer can present a number of challenges to sticking to your fat loss program. Schedules are frequently so variable that it becomes more and more difficult to be consistent in the execution of your plan. The kids have activities, your social calendar tends to be […]

Your Daily Dozen for Faster Fat Loss

How much fat you lose is ultimately related to your daily habits.  The more consistent you are with those habits that impact fat loss the most, the faster fat comes off.  If we were to design the perfect day to accelerate your fat burning, here’s what it would look like.  You could call it your […]