Ask the Diet Doctor: Restoring Electrolytes

Q: Do I really need to drink electrolytes after working out?

A: It depends on the duration and intensity of your workout, but most people’s regular workouts aren’t intense enough to need electrolytes immediately after exercise.

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One thought on “Ask the Diet Doctor: Restoring Electrolytes

  1. I just signed up to receive your emails. I consider myself a person who can determine good advise from bad. I was disappointed to read about your Shape Magazine article on 8/12/16 regarding replenishing your electrolytes. I agree too many people rush for those “sport drinks” especially when their workout intensity doesn’t require one. they are just drinking non-needed calories. I am big into Bikram Yoga. I think it is the best exercise for people over 30. And as you mentioned, practicing Bikram Yoga you lose a lot of your bodily fluids through sweat (there are only a few ways to eliminate your toxins from your body: bodily waste, passing gas, sweat, breath ) but to hear you give the okay to put Gatorade or Propel into your body after an intense workout blew me away. I use to drink Pedialyte (which doctors recommend when a child is dehydrated but it has a lot of sugar so I discontinued drinking it) The only thing I could determine is you are on Gatorades payroll. The stuff is garbage (SUGAR!!). And then you mention table salt to replenish your electrolytes. You lost me. Why wouldn’t you recommend pink himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt which actually provide MINERALS to your body. Dude, go back to school and quit giving poor advise. I only drink “Harmless Harvest 100% Raw Coconut Water”. It is expensive!! But when you do your research you know why. It is amazing how this company obtains the coconuts, along with the process and then the short shelf life of this product bc of it’s freshness!!! And I wish I could say I am on their payroll bc I wouldn’t have to drop the $3.99-$4.99 price every time I buy one. I’m bummed. I thought I finally found someone in the nutrition world to follow and learn from.