Ask the Diet Doctor: Benefits of Plant Waters

Q: Are there any health benefits to the new wave of water alternatives?

A: Thanks to the booming popularity of coconut water, many new twists on plain old H20 have arrived at grocery stores, positioning themselves as alternatives to traditional sports drinks and claiming additional health benefits.

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2 thoughts on “Ask the Diet Doctor: Benefits of Plant Waters

  1. I tried Coconut water as Ive always liked it ,but too much is High in Cals so I limit it ,its hydrating qualities are about the same as tape water ,+ its high in potassium something I have to watch ,& up to £ 3 a ltr is another reason I limit its use .so it ends up a rare treat . If I want Birch water I can tap the tree in my garden I would pay for it ,the others I haven’t seen in the U K , probably not in my area , many thanks for the information .