3 Exercises for Pain Free Shoulders

The Faster Fat Loss Zone is all about helping you lose more weight faster but we also like to give you information that is going to make you healthier and able to live pain free. I put together a video for you today that is going to help address one of the biggest sources of pain that I deal with in my day to day life as a physical therapist – shoulder pain.

It’s a common recommendation to perform isolated rotator cuff strengthening exercises in the hopes of preventing shoulder injury.  But is there any true benefit to isolated rotator cuff exercises if you’re not rehabbing a shoulder injury?  Are there any alternatives that may be just as good as isolated strengthening or even more effective?  This video will show you three “big bang” alternatives that you can start using today to improve shoulder health and performance.  You’ll also see one bonus shoulder exercise that will help keep you playing and training pain-free.


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